Anniversary Edition to Commemorate ZSMU Aniversary

Anniversary Edition to Commemorate ZSMU Aniversary

A beautifully illustrated book, a gift edition, gives you a complete picture of the current state of scientific and educational groups, about individuals who has been creating a good name for ZSMU in Ukraine and in the world.

The Rector of the university, the Honored Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yurii Kolesnyk highlighted main advantages of the university:

“We have things to be proud of. ZSMU has gained the reputation of one of the best universities of the country, known in Ukraine and the world for its traditions, great scientific potential and perspectives, and holding leading positions in the educational market. The faculty of the university stands out not only with wisdom and experience, but also with an ascetic activity and generous talent to deliver the science and medical skills to the younger generations of doctors. ZSMU scientists and practitioners are pioneers in such important areas as transplantology and endoprosthetics. Thanks to the high-tech developments of the Zaporizhzhya pharmacists, Ukraine is not inferior to many European countries by the level of development of the pharmaceutical industry and the potential of domestic manufacturers of medical preparations.

It is very important that we managed not only to preserve the best achievements of the national system of medical education but also to modernize it in accordance with the development of the newest technologies, growing social needs and the entry of Ukraine into the European and world community.

Over the past decades, a brilliant community of scientists and teachers has appeared in the university and tens of thousands of highly skilled professionals have been trained. In the Zaporizhzhia region and throughout Ukraine it is difficult to find a medical institution without our graduates working there. After years of hard work and complex exams, they have become worthy representatives of a new generation of physicians and reached the heights of professional craftsmanship. The key to their success is the deep and systematic knowledge gained at the university.

I sincerely welcome the opportunity to greet the authoritative faculty, students and graduates of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University with glorious anniversary.”

You can read the digital version of the book ZSMU: Ahead of Time by following the link (download in Ukrainian).

5 July 2018

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