Department of Medicines Technology Received Unique Anton Paar

Department of Medicines Technology Received Unique Anton Paar

The new purchase by the University for the Department of Medicines Technology is impressive at a cost of three million UAH. But not only that. First of all, the device of the Anton Paar company (Austria) is a unique high-precision technology for definition and quality control of production. And in the fact that Anton Paar is now used at the Department of Medicines Technology, its head, Professor Vitalii Hladyshev, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, sees the consistent concern of the ZSMU Administration for the implementation of advanced world technologies in the scientific and educational process of the University.

"The novelty has already found its place in our laboratory, which was established in 1992 as a certification research testing center for perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals," says Vitalii Hladyshev. "And today we research not only medicines, developed by our Department, but also domestic and imported perfumes and cosmetics. High requirements for such products, dictated by time, require new technologies for the process of its creation and quality control.

So, the Anton Paar is a desirable acquisition, a whole smart laboratory designed to study the consistent properties of medicines and cosmetics for external and internal use. These are creams, gels, suppositories, emulsions. The device allows to evaluate the consistent properties of the forms, their stability when applied to the skin or mucous surfaces, as well as to predict the behavior of the structure during long-term storage. It indicates the necessary parameters directly related to both the biological activity of the product and, mainly, to consumer qualities. For example, the consumer will not choose, say, an ointment or gel when they leak out instead of gently lying on the surface. Our work with such technology acquires the highest quality and efficiency."

Associate Professor Bohdan Burlaka, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, masters the Anton Paar. "Unlike the 80's device we used, it's just a fantastic invention," says the scientist. "This device allows us to obtain the most accurate data on the development of dosage forms — from liquids to the thickest and most solid. These can be emulsions, creams, suspensions, gels, suspension creams, or tablets, capsules. According to the accuracy of measurement, we can predict the quality of the medicine, the stability of dosage forms basing on the rheological parameters, and most importantly — to really influence the consistency of these forms. These studies play a significant role in the creation of such forms as ointments, gels, suppositories and more. Different functions of the device allow to see various dosage forms from different angles with different details, to observe the processes that occur during its creation.

An important factor in creating a new dosage form is the search for active excipients. Thus it is necessary to predict stability and a number of other qualities, so that production satisfied all needs of the consumer. In fact, one of the features of the new device is that with its help we can choose the required amount of excipients, justified from a scientific point of view, with the desired quality. We have already assessed the versatility of Anton Paar's functions, and we'll happily work with it."

8 October 2020

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