Meeting of ePBLnet project partner-universities of Tempus program, participation in International conference MEI and Summer School (Thessaloniki, June 2015)

On June16-20, 2015 the representatives of ZSMU took part in a regular meeting of ePBLnet projectpartner-universities linked with Summer School CAMEI and International conference on Medical Informatics Education MEI 2015 which took place at AristotleUniversity in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The current achievements of ZSMU MEC work were highlighted in the course of meeting.Further events onthe project implementation wereplanned. The issues of paymentswerediscussed with coordinator as well as the purchase of additional equipment required for the successful implementation of the project.

During the Summer School and the Conference thetieswith partner-universities wereextendedas well as the connections with colleagues from Canada, Britain and other countries.The ways of further development of cooperation in the field of medical education and medical information science were designated.

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