Meeting of PC Universities in Praha

In August 24-28, 2013 a work meeting of ePBLnet project partners was held during the international conference AMEE (Association of Medical Education in Europe). The conference of this level allowed not only to hold a workshop of the participants, but also participate in a number of events organized during the conference such as medical education technology exhibition, workshop, presentation of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and other.

At the workshop the implementation of all work packages (stages) of the project were traditionally discussed. However, the attention was paid to the adaptation of educational work program to the peculiarities of the educational process using problem-based learning (PBL) technology, organization of the Medical Education Centre (MEC) and the purchase of computer equipment for PBL-classes and MEC. Professor Ryzhov A.A. in its report said that employees of the university have done a considerable job to adapt the curriculum for medical students of 2nd and 3rd year of education.

An important step in the project development is the creation of the Medical Education Center. The administrative group with the active support of the Rector prof. Kolesnyk Yu.M. developed the statute of MEC, the rooms for Center and PBL-classes were allocated and equipped.

In the second half of the meeting the plans for further work on the project were discussed. The main objectives were determined. They are the organization of tutors PBL training in all partner-universities by the end of 2013 and purchase of the equipment.

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