ZSMU delegation took part in the workshop on technology of virtual patients in London

The Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Innovative Technologies, Ph.D., Professor Ryzhov A.A. and Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine 3, Director of Medical Education Center, Cand.Med.Sci. Sychev R.A. took part in the workshop on the development and implementation of innovative educational technologies based on "virtual patients" in the educational process in January 20-24, 2014. The seminar was held on the basis of the largest specialized medical university of the UK, at St. George’s University of London. During different periods such well-known physician scientists, as the pioneer of smallpox vaccine Edward Jenner, anatomist Benjamin Brodi and surgeon John Fisher studied and worked there.

During the workshop a set of lectures devoted to this problem were delivered by a leading expert of St. George’s University in problem-based learning and virtual patients Professor Terence Alan Poulton. ZSMU representatives as well as their colleagues from Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Kazakhstan participated in a series of master classes dedicated to the practical implementation of virtual patients and visited the university centers of simulators and distance learning.

Within the master classes the independent development of the "virtual patient" in the system OpenLabyrinth was presented by Ryzhov A.A. and Sychev R.A It was appreciated by experts of St. George’s University and foreign colleagues attending the presentation. According to the results of the training Sychev R.A. received a certificate of the author of "virtual patients" and Ryzhov A.A received a certificate of the expert in the field of practical implementation of technology "virtual patient" by means of OpenLabyrinth software shell.

"Virtual patient" is an innovative interactive learning technology that allows students to use a computer model of a real clinical situation to fully immerse themselves in the diagnostic and treatment process, to make independent decisions on the tactics of diagnosis and treatment, see and realize the consequences of certain decisions without violating the rights and safety of the patient. The undoubted advantage of this technology is also interest stimulation to self-study of the material, visibility, opportunity to "take a break" in the process of working with patients and get the necessary reference information.

The widespread use of virtual technologies, simulators and distance learning is an integral component of medical education at the leading universities of the world. ZSMU is one of the leaders in the introduction of innovative information technologies in the learning process in Ukraine as it has both a serious intellectual resources and strong technical base.



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