Avramenko Mykola Oleksandrovych

First Pro-rector
Mykola Oleksandrovych,

Candidate of Science (Pharmacy), Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Head of Central Methodical Council of the University.
Member of Expert Council on Medicine and Pharmacy of the State Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

Tumanskyi Valerii Oleksiiovych

Pro-rector for scientific work
Tumanskyi Valerii Oleksiiovych,
Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor.
Head of Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine with Bases of Law.
Current member of International Academy of Pathology (IAP), European Society of Pathologist (ESP), International Society of Pathophysiology (ISP),
vice-president of Association of Pathologists of Ukraine.
Chief editor of the journal “Pathology”, Director of the Institute of Clinical Human Pathology.

Vizir Vadym Anatoliiovych

Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical work
Vizir Vadym Anatoliiovych,
Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor.
Head of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 2.
Presidium member of the Ukrainian Society of Cardiologists,
member of Editorial Journal Boards “Ukrainian Periodical”, “Arterial hypertension”, “Heart insufficiency”, “Blood circulation and homeostasis”,
chief editor deputy of “Zaporozhye Medical Journal”.

Morguntsova Svitlana Andriivna

Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work
Morguntsova Svitlana Andriivna
Candidate of Science (Biology), Associate Professor of the Department
of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation.

Kozak Andrii Anatoliiovych

Pro-rector for administrative and economic work

Kozak Andrii Anatoliovych

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