Kolesnyk Yuriy Mykhailovych M.D., Ph.D., Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor, is the Rector of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Honorary Scientist and Engineering Worker of Ukraine, a well known scientist in pathological physiology, a founder of the pathological physiology school recognized in Ukraine and abroad.

Yuriy Mykhailovych Kolesnyk was born on May 21, 1958, in Zaporizhzhia. In 1981 he graduated from Zaporizhzhia State Medical University with honors. In 1984 he completed full-time postgraduate study at the Department of Pathological Physiology. In 1985 Yu. M. Kolesnyk defended a PhD thesis and in 1993 he defended thesis for a Doctor's degree.

In 1994 Yu. M. Kolesnyk was appointed the academic title of Associate Professor and in 1996 he was appointed the academic title of Professor. In December 1994 he was selected from among other candidates to the post of Pro-rector for pedagogical work of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. Since 1995 he has been the Head of the Pathological Physiology Department. In June 2003 Yuriy Mykhailovych Kolesnyk was elected the Rector of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University by the labour collective of the University. In 2008 he was reelected.

Yu. M. Kolesnyk is the author of more than 400 scientific works, 3 monographs, 32 patents of Ukraine and Russia. He has trained 11 PhDs and 6 Doctors of Sciences. There are 3 candidate theses and 3 Doctor theses under his guidance now.

Yu. M. Kolesnyk is a chief editor of professional editions of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine: "Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal" and "Actual Problems of Pharmaceutical and Medical Science and Practice", a member of the administration board of All-Ukrainian Pathophysiologists Society and International Society of Neuroendocrinologists, the head of the Specialized Science Board Д 17.600.02 for defending Candidate and Doctor theses in the specialties 14.01.02 "Internal diseases", 14.01.11 "Cardiology" and 14.01.10 "Pediatry".

During Professor Yu. M. Kolesnyk’s leadership new specialties "Laboratory Diagnostics", "Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations" and "Dentistry" were opened at the University. In 2008 a training-scientific centre "University Clinic" was opened. Since 2009 Medical College under the University has been functioning. Since 2009 the Specialized Science Board for defending Candidate and Doctor theses in the specialty 15.00.02 "Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacognosy" is opened. English medium of instruction is implemented. During 6 years the University is a leader among the higher educational institutions in material and technical supply and advanced learning technologies. ZSMU takes the first place among the higher educational institutions of Zaporizhzhia region by the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


  • 1998 — the honorary title Soros Professor;
  • 1998 — a prize of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences in the field of fundamental medicine;
  • the regional prize "Man of Year — 1999" in the nomination "The Best Research Scientific design";
  • Diploma of the Parliament of Ukraine "For great services to Ukraine" of 23.12.2004;
  • Diploma of the Parliament of Ukraine "For considerable personal contribution to the realization of the state youth policy in the region, education of youth and long-term conscientious work";
  • Order of Venerable Agapit Pechersky, of Apostle St. Andrew, Venerable Nestor Annalist.

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