The career path of Gabriel Ortega from Ecuador

The career path of Gabriel Ortega from Ecuador

The best reward for a teacher is a success of his students. And the best reward for the university is the professional achievements of its graduates. Here Zaporizhzhia State Medical University can be proud of itself rightfully. ZSMU has opened the way to medicine for a huge number of highly qualified specialists from different parts of the world over the long years of work. Professionalism of ZSMU staff is well-known in Ecuador.Gabriel Ortega, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of ZSMU, shared with us his story of becoming a physician.

Gabriel learned about Zaporizhzhia State Medical University long before his arrival in Ukraine. The young man knew that he would become a doctor from school so that he was interested in and looked for a university that would become his reliable assistant in making his dreams come true. He chose on our university according to the reviews of friends and information received from Internet sources.

Gabriel first became a student of the preparatory faculty in 2010, a first-year student of the medical faculty of ZSMU a year later. Undoubtedly, yesterday's pupil faced some difficulties, because he found himself alone without parents in a distant foreign country. However, the sincerity of the Ukrainians and the support of the university staff helped to adapt. The university became Gabriel's second home soon. He recalls the first teachers and the dean of the preparatory faculty, Dmitry Ivanovich Dochinets, who helped with all the questions that arose with great warmth. Our graduate is also grateful to the employees of the preparatory faculty for an exciting immersion in culture and the necessary knowledge for further professional training.

Gabriel returned to his homeland in Ecuador after graduating from the university. Due to his preparation he immediately passed the qualifying exam successfully and began to work in his specialty. The first year he worked as a general practitioner in the rural clinic in the Galapagos Islands, later - he assisted a surgeon in hospital. He was transferred to a prestigious private clinic because of good results. At first, it was not easy and unusual, - says Gabriel, - out of habit it seemed that the teacher-mentor, like at the university, and would always be there, but it was not like that. The real life and real practice started. It was necessary to solve problem situations on my own, determine diagnoses and take responsibility for decisions on myself. After all, the ability to take responsibility is the most important skill for a doctor, in addition to knowledge and experience. Those days, Gabriel was greatly helped by the guidance and professional secrets of former teachers. He was very surprised that the graduates of other medical schools had no idea about some things.

Now Gabriel has a rather busy work schedule - every day from 7 am to the evening he receives patients, consults, carries out the necessary manipulations, and gives appointments and recommendations. When Gabriel talks about his work, we feel that he is not just passionate about his work, he lives by it.

In his spare time the young doctor plays football, likes to be alone with nature, especially to go to the mountains. Unfortunately, it happens not often. He remembers how we went with classmates and teachers to picnics and arranged excursions. He especially liked Khortytsya Island for its beauty and historical sights. She admits that she misses Ukraine, but she will definitely return here. Now his son who also loves our country and wants to get to know it better. Gabriel advises future doctors to study hard, to gain knowledge and experience.

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