Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Head of the Department:
Serhii VOROTYNTSEV, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.


Educational and Methodical Work

Training of students at the Department is carried out in accordance with the curriculum of the Bologna Declaration. Lectures and modern teaching materials for domestic and foreign students using multimedia technologies have been created. An optional multilingual online course has been created. Students are provided with methodical, educational and scientific literature. Much attention is paid to independent and practical work of students on anesthesiology and intensive care.

Access to the materials of the Department: (

Training of interns (anesthesiologists — 2 years) at the Department is based on the principles of maximum practical work with patients, the educational process uses modern multimedia technologies, elements of self-control, introduces new interactive forms of knowledge and practical skills control.

Interns are also being prepared for the KROK-3 licensing exam.

Practical classes combine the work of interns in wards, operating rooms, endoscopy rooms and ultrasound rooms.

The operating rooms are equipped with modern video equipment allowing interns to monitor the anesthesia during surgical interventions.

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


Scientific Directions and Achievements

The directions of scientific work of the Department are:

  • Research, nature and features of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical course and results of surgical treatment of patients with urgent surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity and endocrine organs.
  • Modern technologies in emergency and planned anesthesiology, perioperative intensive care, treatment of pain.
  • Development of algorithms for implementing a personalized approach to the choice of treatment of patients with comorbid pathology, as well as overweight, senile and elderly patients, the use of ultrasound and other modern navigation technologies in anesthesia practice, ensuring airway patency with the help of epiglottis airways, optimization of perioperative management of elderly and senile patients.

Employees of the Department defended dissertations on the following topics:

  • Professor Serhii Vorotintsev — Enteral Oxygenation in Intensive Care of Critical Conditions (2003);
  • Professor Serhii Vorotintsev — Anesthesia and Perioperative Intensive Care in Obese Patients (2019);
  • Associate Professor Kostiantyn Boiko — Organoprotective Analgesia in Emergency and Planned Laparoscopic Operations in Elderly Patients (Dnipro, 2007);
  • Assistant Serhii Horbachov — Optimization of Anesthesia and Perioperative Intensive Care for Patients with Acute Pancreatitis, Taking into Account Restoration of Biological Stability of Body (2010);
  • Assistant Serhii Hryhoriev — Optimization of Anesthesia and Intensive Care for Acute Intestinal Obstruction (2011).


Advisory and Diagnostic Activities

Advisory and therapeutic work is carried out on the basis of Surgical Units Nos. 1, 2, 3 of the City Clinical Accident and Emergency Hospital of Zaporizhzhia, in Intensive Care Units (ICU) of Surgical and Traumatological Units, ICU of Neurosurgical and Burn Units, ICU of Regional Oncology Center, as well as in the VitaCenter Multidisciplinary Hospital and the University Clinic.


Address: 80 Peremohy St., Zaporizhzhia, 69005, Ukraine (Surgical Unit of the City Accident and Emergency Hospital No. 5)

69035, Maiakovskyi avenue 26, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
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