Pre-University Training Center

Head of the Center — ODYNTSOVA Vira, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy Pharmacology and Botany of ZSMU, Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee.

The Pre-University Training Center was established in 1995.

The main function is to prepare domestic graduates of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and medical colleges to enter ZSMU and to adapt to study at our University.

There are eight- and three-month preparatory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Ukrainian Language and Literature for entrants on a contract basis.

Classes in eight-month preparatory courses are held from October to May, 3 times a week from 16:00 to 20:00.

Classes in three-month preparatory courses are held from February to April, once a week — every Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00.

The University also conducts classes in Biology and Chemistry for students of secondary schools (gymnasiums, lyceums, secondary schools, etc.) and for students of medical colleges, with whom agreements on in-depth professional training of gifted youth have been concluded.

The cycle of classes in preparatory courses includes not only intensive study of specialized disciplines required for admission to the University, but also excursions to the museum, University departments, acquaintance with its structure, internal regulations, form of classes and assessment system in higher education, which allows future entrants to adapt to study at the University and decide on the choice of future profession.


Reception Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00-16:00

Address: Room 12, Academic Building No. 2, Maiakovskyi Avenue, 26, Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine

Telephone: +380 61 233 65 55 (Ukrainian only)

26 Maiakovskoho Ave., Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine
Tel: +380 61 224 63 91 Fax: +380 61 233 60 07,       Send e-mail

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