The Library of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is a center of integrated information support of educational and research processes of the University.

Main Areas of Activity:

  • creating a comfortable information and educational environment for Library users, development of different kinds of services, improving the culture of service;
  • qualitative formation of the book fund and electronic educational resources;
  • availability of information resources of the Library, increasing the efficiency of their use, including the expanding of network access to full-text foreign resources, the formation of its own Digital Library (DL);
  • informational, bibliographic and scientometric support of inquiries of the faculty and graduate students;
  • promotion of the moral and aesthetic education of individuals, the development of their creative potential, the formation of a lasting interest in reading;
  • creation and improvement of a dynamic Library management system based on the principles of Quality Management;
  • participation in project and innovation activities;
  • corporate library cooperation.

The universal fund of the Library on traditional media is 570,920 copies and includes educational, scientific, fiction, reference literature, abstracts and dissertations, etc. Every year the Library receives more than 260 titles of periodicals. The collection of the fund with electronic editions on optical CDs is purposefully carried out; the DL of the departmental resources is formed and developed by the teaching staff of ZSMU.

Today there are 4 subscription departments and 5 reading rooms. Every year the Library is visited by more than 12 thousand readers, more than 900 thousand documents are published. Up to 650 people can study in the Library halls at the same time.

For the comfort and convenience of users since 2007 there is a computer reading room with 20 automated workstations. Free access for users to own and remote electronic information resources is organized, additional services are provided: copying, scanning and printing. There is also free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

The ZSMU Library has successfully implemented an IRBIS-64 automated information library system, which supports all technological processes of the Library: tracking and processing of new acquisition, all types of work with funds, analysis of book supply, registration and reader service. The electronic book loan provides prompt service to users in subscription departments and reading rooms.

9 databases are maintained and supported, including the Digital Catalog (in Ukrainian) of more than 370 thousand bibliographic records, providing prompt, multifaceted search of documents for further ordering and providing on-line access to electronic copies in the local network from all PCs of the Library and University, as well as in the mode of remote access via the Internet.

The Digital Catalog and databases contain bibliographic descriptions of the main fund of the Library (books, brochures, dissertations, dissertation abstracts, collections of scientific works and periodicals with an analytical list of articles received by the Library, etc.) Full-text access is supported. According to the search results, it is possible to make a reader's request for the necessary publications, get a bibliographic list of publications, view full-text Library resources and save the information on data storage device or send by e-mail.

The Library Blog (in Ukrainian) has been created, where users can access the Digital Catalog, learn about the activities held in the Library, see lists of new acquisitions of literature, electronic publications of the University, etc.

In 2013, the Library became a member of the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT).

In order to disseminate the results of scientific research of the ZSMU community, increase the prestige and rating of the University, support open access, the Scientific Library in May 2014 began active work to create its own Institutional Repository of the University (IRZSMU) (in Ukrainian). The "Regulations on the Institutional Repository of ZSMU (IRZSMU)" were developed and approved, setting out the general issues, purpose, composition and structure, basics of organization and management of the digital archive.

In October 2015, IRZSMU was registered in the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR), which contributed to the growth of citations of ZSMU scientists and the inclusion of the University in the global information resources, providing global search for scientific information.

In 2020, a new multipurpose educational and scientific center with a library was created, it was equipped with virtual reality systems, a powerful video projector, and computer equipment.

The staff of the Library makes every effort to create a modern informational, bibliographic and library center on the basis of the Library, which meets the highest requirements of modernity.

Rules for using the Library (DOC file in Ukrainian)


Historical Background

The history of the ZSMU Scientific Library, as well as the University itself, can be traced back to the Higher Women's Pedagogical Courses opened in Odesa in 1903. In the fund of rare editions of the Library it's possible to find copies with personal marks of professors of those years; library books with the seal "Library of Higher Women's Courses, Odesa"; reports on the work of the courses, materials of the "State Archives of Odesa oblast", notebooks of the Farmacevt-Praktik magazine of the beginning of the XX century. During 1908, the Library of courses was complemented by the library of Professor Smirnov, with "a total price of all purchased books being 4026 rubles 85 kop..."

In 1959, together with the Odessa Pharmaceutical Institute, the Library was moved to Zaporizhzhia. In the main building of the newly formed Zaporozhye Pharmaceutical Institute a room of 330 m2 was allocated for the library. At that time, the first director of the Library was Anastasia Novynenko. In different years the library was managed by Sokolova, Lilia Astakhova, Olena Shilo.

A fund of rare publications is a ride of the Library: reference and monographic literature on chemistry, medicine, pharmacy of the XIX — early XX centuries, among them: Hager H. Deutche Pharmakopoe (Berlin, 1872), Brehm A. Animal Life: In the 6 volumes (St. Petersburg, 1874-1880), Russian Pharmacopoeia (St. Petersburg, 1880), Weichselbaum A. The Elements of Pathological Histology: with special reference to practical methods (H., 1894, Annalender Chemie und Farmacie (Heidelberg, 1832-1914, issues 1-407).


Structure of Library

Library Administration

Director of the Library — KARPENKO Tetiana

Deputy Director — PONOMARENKO Olena

Department of Acquisition, Scientific Processing of Literature, Catalogs

Head of Department — HURZHII Larysa

The Department includes:

  • Sector of Cataloging, Scientific Processing of Literature
  • Sector of Accounting and Technical Processing of Literature

Information and Bibliography Department

Head of Department — KAMYNINA Iryna

Fund Storage Department

Head of Department — SHIIAN Valentyna

Customer Service Department

Head of Department — KIRIEIEVA Tatiana

The Department includes:

  • Sector of Educational Literature Subscription
  • Sector of Scientific Literature Subscription
  • Sector of Reading Rooms

Information Technologies Department

Head of Department — RESHETNIKOVA Yuliia

  • Sector of Digital Catalog


Address: Room 204, Academic Building No. 1, Maiakovskyi Avenue, 26, Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine

Telephone: +380 61 233 01 75


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