Computer Technology Center

Head of the Center — PRYTULA Viktor


The Computer Technologies Center (CTC) of ZSMU provides development of the network information infrastructure of the University, support of system and application software, computer training classes and maintenance of computer and office equipment at the University.

Main tasks:

  1. Development and maintenance of the local computer network of the University.
  2. Protection of information resources of the University from unauthorized access.
  3. Management of the use of Internet resources.
  4. Maintenance of electronic equipment of the information network, computer and peripheral equipment of University users.
  5. Installation and maintenance of system software on computers of the Administration and in computer classes of the University.
  6. Technical support of lecture halls of the University.
  7. Technical and multimedia support of scientific and practical conferences at the University, photo and video support of cultural events.
  8. Development and maintenance of the electronic library (Irbis 64) of the University.
  9. Maintenance of the official website of the University and the ZSMU Portal.
  10. Development and maintenance of an open WI-FI network on the territory of ZSMU.


Maiakovskyi Avenue, 26
Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 61 224 63 31 (Ukrainian only)

69035, Maiakovskyi avenue 26, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
Tel: +380 (61) 224-63-91 Fax: +380 (61) 233-60-07,       Send e-mail

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