Educational Department

The Educational Department is a unit of the University, which carries out the planning, organization and management of educational and methodical activities, controls the quality and efficiency of the educational process, accounting and reporting on educational and methodical work.

Tasks and functions of the Educational Department

1. General tasks:

  • study of domestic and world experience of higher and higher medical (pharmaceutical) education, development of recommendations for its implementation and promotion of international recognition;
  • participation in the development of long-term plans for the development of the educational institution;
  • creation of generalized scientific and methodical recommendations for optimization of educational process;
  • introduction of the latest information developments into the educational process and educational and methodical work;
  • coordination of activity of structural educational units and working bodies of the University related to educational and methodical activities;
  • participation in creation of the Complex Schedule of the University activity;
  • participation in work on readmission and transfer of students;
  • participation in the organization and holding of educational and methodical conferences.

2. Planning and organization of the educational process:

  • scheduling the educational process and monitoring its implementation;
  • drawing up a schedule of classes and all kinds of control over their course and quality of student training;
  • development of working academic curricula for specialties and control over their implementation;
  • participation in the development of components of the State Standards of Education;
  • calculation of the project of the staff list of scientific and pedagogical workers and academic load for academic year;
  • participation in the planning of the fund of hourly payment of lecturers, accounting and control over reporting on this issue;
  • coordination of rational use of educational premises;
  • creation and implementation of plans for advanced training of scientific and pedagogical staff of the University, control over its implementation.

3. Control over efficiency and quality of the educational process organization:

  • control over distribution and implementation of academic load by scientific and pedagogical workers;
  • control over the implementation of working academic curricula, implementation by departments of the plan of educational and methodical meetings, the schedule of mutual attendance of classes, giving public lectures, etc.;
  • control over the state of educational and methodical, as well as accounting and reporting documentation at the departments and in the deans' offices of the faculties;
  • operational control over the implementation of structural units of the University orders, instructions and measures related to the educational process.

4. Introduction of new approaches to the organization of the educational process in the activities of educational units of the University:

  • participation in the implementation of licensed integrated examinations KROK 1, 2 and 3;
  • coordination of creation and implementation by departments of complex tests for the purpose of definition of level of theoretical and practical preparation of students;
  • participation in the organization and holding of educational and methodical meetings on the introduction of credit-modular system of organization of the educational process, improving the professional skills of teachers, the introduction of new educational and information technologies;
  • control over the activities of support departments.

5. Introduction of modern requirements to the documentation accompanying educational process:

  • introduction in the educational departments of the University of unified forms of documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the training of specialists related to the implementation of the credit-module system of organization of the educational process;
  • receipt, issuance and registration of academic certificates, diplomas and diploma supplements;
  • providing deans and departments with forms of relevant educational documentation.

6. Preparation of semester and annual statistical reports, preparation of semester, annual and operational reports related to educational and methodical work.


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