Department of Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics

Head of the Department:
Oleksandr PRYKHODKO, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.


Historical Reference

The Department of Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics was opened in January 1965. The main scientific direction of the department at that time was "Blood-sucking dipterans of the South of Ukraine".

During its existence, the department has prepared 7 candidates and 1 doctor of sciences.

For now, the main scientific direction of the Department is the study of objects of biological origin that cause allergic diseases.


Educational Disciplines

  • Medical Biology, studied by first-year medical students in the specialties "Medicine", "Dentistry", "Laboratory Diagnostics", including English-speaking students majoring in "Medicine".
  • Biology with the Basics of Genetics, studied by pharmaceutical students (full-time and part-time) in the specialty "Pharmacy".
  • Current Issues of Molecular Biology. Elective course.
  • Biology, studied by foreign citizens in preparatory courses.
  • Courses and lectures for entrants.

Department of Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics


Educational and Methodical Work

The training of students at the Department is based on the principles of providing methodological and informational organization of the educational process with elements of independent work, as well as on the introduction of new effective forms of knowledge and skills control. A data bank of KROK-1 test tasks has been formed for licensing testing. It includes more than 4,200 tests in Ukrainian and English.

The method of classification of test tasks, multimedia programs on training and control on the topics "Cytology" and "Helminths" are developed.

According to the curriculum, there were created work programs in all disciplines as per the Bologna Declaration. Original lectures are given exclusively with the use of multimedia technologies.


Cooperation with Other Institutions

The department is part of the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN), and also actively cooperates with the Department of Medical Biology of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University (Vinnytsia) and the State Institution "O. M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health" of the NAMSU.


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