Original Domestic Medicine

For the first time in Ukraine, industrial production of Thiotriasoline in tablets, ampoule solutions, injectable solutions, eye drops, ointments and suppositories has been established within the framework of the NVO Farmatron. These drugs are registered in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. Scientists of the university (professors Ivan Mazur, Yevhenii Knysh, Oleksandr Panasenko, Viacheslav Holovkin, Vitalii Hladyshev) created a number of original medicines (Nootril, Thiocetam, Thiocetam-forte,Amiotril, Levotil, Indotril, Thiodarone, Trianol, Carbatril, Lysinium, Rumosol, Trifuzol, Avesstim) and new drugs (Palustrin, Magnelong, Sanamast, Glutamag, Apifitol, Fitapisan, Immunofit, Bisholan, Hypophytol, Betizol, Befan, Vitagren), which today are widely used in the treatment of cardiovascular, surgical and infectious diseases, in neurology, hepatology, dermatology, ophthalmology.

Development and industrial release of new drugs, created under the leadership of Professor Mazur through the NVO Farmatron, had the following dynamics:

  • in 2003, the Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine approved the use of Thiocetam (tablets, injectable solutions) with antioxidant, nootropic and cerebro-protective effects;
  • in 2004 Thiodarone, a new antiarrhythmic drug, was developed; Levotil ointment for the treatment of infected wounds and periodontosis was developed and passed preclinical studies; clinical trials of the new drug "Amyotril" with antianginal and antiarrhythmic action have been completed;
  • in 2005 the development of scientific and technical documentation for the new original drug "Trianol" was completed;
  • in 2006 there were clinical trials of the Thiodarone tablet with antiarrhythmic action; the Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine presents regulatory and technical documentation for the new drug "Indotril" (tablets) for the treatment of osteoarthritides, arthritides and arthroses;
  • in 2007 the industrial production of Thiocetam-forte tablets and Thiodarone tablets was established; preclinical trials of Cardiotril solution and tablets have been completed; Thiocetam injectable solutions and tablets are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan;
  • in 2008 the industrial production of Thiocetam tablets and Thiodarone tablets was established; the Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine allowed the medical use of Indotril tablets, preclinical trials of Carbatril tablets, a new combined drug, have been completed;
  • in 2009 a package of documents for clinical trials of cardiotonic and antianginal drug "Cardiotril" was transferred to the Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Thiocetam-Forte tablets have been registered in Uzbekistan.

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