Heart and Liver Transplantation

Since 1992, the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery and the Interregional Center for Organ Transplantation and Hemodialysis have been operating on the basis of the Department of Hospital Surgery of the ZSMU at the Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital. These centers are the bases for cardiac surgeons, transplant surgeons, anesthesiologists, immunologists and nephrologists, who were trained in world centers for transplantation and cardiac surgery.

At the Transplantation Center in October 1992, Professor Nikonenko and his staff performed the first kidney transplant, in 1994 — a liver transplant for the first time in Ukraine, in 1996 — a kidney and pancreas transplant.

In February 2003, Professor Nikonenko and his staff performed a successful heart transplant for the first time in Ukraine.

Today in the Transplantation Center, under the leadership of Professor Nikonenko, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, perform kidney transplants and hemodialysis, liver transplants and beta cells of the pancreas in diabetes.

Since 1994, the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery provides emergency care for myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism (emergency angiography and selective thrombolysis, coronary stent).

For a set of scientific papers on surgical treatment of coronary heart disease, Professor Nikonenko and Professor Hubka were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in 2000.

Today, the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery performs operations on implantation of artificial heart valves for patients with congenital and acquired heart defects; for those with CAD — coronary angiography, coronary stent, coronary artery bypass grafting, pacemaker implantation; for those with pulmonary embolism — selective thrombolysis, as well as reconstructive vascular surgery for aortic aneurysm and stenosis of the brachiocephalic arteries.


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