The Masterclass was held on the academic competition for students in pathologic physiology in 19.04.2019  

Second stage of All-Ukrainian academic competition for students finished at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University in 19.04.2019. The Department of Medical Catastrophes, Military Medicine, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of ZSMU, The Head of The Interdepartmental Training Center, Kateryna Romanova, and Student Body members: Vladyslav Skoda, Oleksandr Kopotiy, Andriy Dobrydnyy Artem Fryzko, Vladyslav Streltsov, Anastasia Musoryna organized masterclass in emergent medical aid for patients after RTI for participants of the academic competition and our guests.

The student team gave emergent medical treatment to a patient with multiple trauma according to the first simulation case. Our students showed practical skills of concerted teamwork, a fast examination of a patient, temporary arrest of major bleeding, airway management, cervical spine, and limb immobilization.

The student team gave emergent medical treatment to a patient with the acute coronary syndrome and under sudden clinical death. Our team showed practical skills of concerted and fast teamwork, cardiac rhythm assessment with the professional defibrillator,intubation of the trachea,and cardiopulmonary resuscitation algorithm based on the European Standard System on a simulative dummy.

Our guest could master some skills on simulative dummies of The Interdepartmental Training Center of ZSMU after the masterclass.


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