With Ukraine in the Heart

With Ukraine in the Heart

The life path of people who chose medical education usually is not a royal one but a very interesting one. So one of our graduates, Mahbub Khondaker from Bengladesh couldn’t even imagine how colorful his life will be when he became a student of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of ZSMU. This young graduate went to the USA, New York to improve English and get professional practice, after obtaining the diploma. Mr.Khondaker decided to come back to Zaporizhzhia after two years in New York. He returned to the young and independent state called Ukraine. Mahbub Khondaker became the first foreigner to get a Ukrainian Visa.

His career path began in one of the pharmacies of Zaporizhzhia. Then Mr.Khondaker moved to Moscow and became the Head of the pharmacy in The International Medical Clinic.

In a while, he got to hear about the opening of the US Embassy in Ukraine. That is why Mahbub Khondaker decided to return to Kyiv in 1996. He got a post in The American Medical Clinic after passing an interview with The Ambassador of the United States.

Mr. Khondaker moved to Canada with his family in the early 2000s. There he found a job in The Department of National Defence. Mahbub Khondaker forged a successful career and rose to the rank of Captain. However, he decided to leave the military. Today Mr.Mahbub works as a pharmacist in Vancouver. He had succeeded in life and now can enjoy every single day by doing his work and spending time with beloved wife and children. It is been a long time since Mr.Mahbub graduated from ZSMU,but he still keeps in touch with his coursemates and teachers who supported and helped him.

16 April 2020


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