The story of Mohamad Dalloul

Every year ZSMU admits hundreds of foreign students. We create the best conditions for living, studying and practical training. And only the best and the most prominent ones come to the finish, passing all the required exams and achieving a profession of their dream.

One such student was Mohamad Dalloul, who graduated from the University in 1984. He studied at the Surgery Department. Dr.Dalloul is grateful to all his teachers that he has made such a successful career.

However, his greatest pride is not a career success but his children. The older son of Mohamad is studying at a medical school in France. And his young son is studying at school now. He has not made his career choice yet, but apparently, his life will be also devoted to saving people as his father does.

Mohamad wishes to help everyone, who has chosen this profession. He would also like to come to ZSMU again to motivate students and share his experience with them. He highly respects ZSMU professors and scientists, who constantly develop their professional skills. Mr. Dalloul is sure that ZSMU professors still can teach him a lot even though he has already become a high-level specialist.

Mohamad Dalloul also values bonds with his university friends. That is why he created a club of alumni of ZSMU,” ZSMU Graduates, Lebanon”. However, there are also ZSMU graduates from Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, South America at this club. They all help and support each other on their professional path.



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