Faithful service of Dr. Nabila Hamati

Dr. Nabila Hamati graduated from ZSMU in 1981. Knowledge gained at ZSMU helped her to make a good career and serve loved Motherland. After returning to Jordan she did her internship in one of the government hospitals in Amman. Then she entered the army and started to work at royal medical services. Nabila did her training in Family Medicine and had served at Royal Medical Services for 16 years. She retired with a rank of lieutenant colonel. By that time, Ms. Hamati achieved great success in Medicine. However, she was still full of energy and was eager to do more. And considered medicine as her calling. So, after The Royal Medical Services, she had worked in a prestigious Amman Academy as a resident school doctor for 10 years. Then she worked at Asamiah International School for a further five years.

Finally, Ms. Nabila Hamati decided to retire at the age of 60 for spending more time with her big family. She became not only an amazing specialist but also a wonderful wife and mother. She got married to Dr. Hayel Ejeilat, who is a pediatric surgeon and also worked at the Royal Medical Services. He was retired with the rank of brigadier but is still practicing pediatric surgery in the private sector. She has 6 amazing children. By the way, her daughter Lara and the youngest son chose the professional path of her mother. Lara has already become a pediatrician and Ms.Hamati’s son is doing his residency in Pediatrics in Florida.

It is been a long time since Ms.Nabila Hamati graduated from ZSMU. But she still cherishes the memory of her student years and grateful her teachers for patience and support.


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