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After the external and local trainings on VP cases creation the working group started their work on January 10, 2017. Every week local meetings concerning the peculiarities of VP cases creation, as well as control over the process of creation, were organized.  The surgeons were working directly in the OpenLab platform. ZSMU team has finished the 6 surgical cases writing in March, 2017.
As a result 6 surgical VP cases with medical errors (Ukrainian version) on the following topics go live in the platform:
VP case #1 “Acute abdominal syndrome (acute appendicitis)”:
Learning outcome for VP case #1 : Causes of acute abdominal syndrome development, Appendicitis: clinical implications, Atypical forms of appendicitis, Differential diagnostics acute abdominal syndrome, Tactics of appendicitis treatment. 
Medical errors: Fixation Ignorance, Team-working, Playing the odds
VP case #2 “Mesenterial thrombosis”: 
Learning outcome for VP case #2 : Definition of mesentric trombosis. Aetiology and pathogenesis, Typical and atypical clinical aspects of the disease, Differential diagnostics of mesenterial thrombosis, Principles of non - and surgical treatment, Pecularities of pre-operational preparation. 
Medical errors: Fixation, Sloth, Playing the odds.
VP case #3 “Acute intestinal obstruction”:
Learning outcome for VP case #3 : Definition of mesentric trombosis. Definition of the term. Aetiology and pathogenesis, Typical clinical aspects of Acute intestinal obstruction. Classification. Differential diagnostics, Differential diagnostics of acute intestinal obstruction, Pecularities of examining of patient with acute intestinal obstruction, Modern diagnostic methods, Principles of non surgical treatment, Operation management in case of acute intestinal obstruction.
Medical errors: Fixation, Ignorance, Sloth, System error
VP case #4 “Acute abdominal syndrome (perforative ulcer)”:
Learning outcome for VP case #4: Abdominal pain. Aetiology and pathogenesis of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers, Clinical aspects of typical and atypical perforated gastroduodenal ulcer, Diagnostics and differential diagnostics of typical and atypical perforated gastroduodenal ulcer, Disease management in case of perforated gastroduodenal ulcer, Non-surgical treatment during post-operational period, Ways of prevention of ulcer. 
Medical errors: Fixation, Ignorance, Communication, Miss triadge, Team working
VP case #5 “Bacterial complications after surgery”:
Learning outcome for VP case #5: Definition of the term: surgical sepsis, Systemic Inflammation Response Syndrome, Causes of infection generalization in the affected area, Causes of sepsis, Diagnostics of sepsis, Treatment methods of sepsis, Regulations for antibiotic treatment for prevention and treatment of sepsis.
Medical errors: Fixation, Ignorance, Lack of skill, Team working
VP case #6 “Pulmonary embolism”: 
Learning outcome for VP case #6: Embolism issue (of pulmonary artery), Causes of development, diagnostics and differential diagnostics, Modern possibilities of non-surgery treatment, Surgical indications, Ways of prevention of embolism of pulmonary artery.
Medical error: Fixation, Playing the odds, Lack of skills, Bravado, Miss-triadge  


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