Local trainings on writing VP cases

Local trainings on writing VP cases
The 1st stage of training at ZSMU was organized for those who were going to participate in London meeting – Oleksandr Kostrovskyi and Andrii Bilyi. Themes and outcomes for the new cases were discussed and determined.
The main training on cases writing took place on December 5-6, 2016 in London. The representatives of ZSMU successfully took part in the training (read more). 
2nd stage
Coordinator of TAME project from ZSMU Olena Furyk delivered a lecture on “Training against medical errors based on Virtual Patients” for the surgeon. Kostrovskyi O. and Bilyi A. shared their experience gained during the training in London with the participants of the training. 
New participants attended the tutorials for better understanding the points and aims of the project and structure of branched cases with medical errors and took part in trainings on 29.11, 20.12 and 22.12.16.
The group on surgical cases writing was formed:
Oleksii Kapshytar, Assistant Professor of the Department of General Surgery;
Oleksandr Voloshyn, Assistant Professor of the Department of Hospital Surgery;
Andrii Bilai, Assistant Professor of the department of Faculty Surgery.
Oleksandr Kostrovskyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, was appointed as the responsible person for new cases creation. 
The themes and the main objectives of the new cases were reconsidered; the themes of the cases were shared between the surgeons. The outcomes for new cases were reviewed and reconsidered. 
The work started.


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