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Training of new tutors at ZSMU

On the 1st of November, 2017 a new group of teachers participated in the D-PBL training in the frames of the TAME project. This time, Taras Ivanenko, Associate Professor of the Pathologic Physiology Department, and Olena Kuznetsova, Assistant Professor of the Faculty Pediatry Department, successfully took part in the training. Olena Furyk, the Project Coordinator from ZSMU, and Anton Kuznetsov, Associate Professor of the Nervous Diseases Department, administered the training.   

Those tutors who took part in the D-PBL training in summer 2017 and those who conducted tutorials on the paediatric cases in 2016 were also present to support their new colleagues and refresh their knowledge and skills.

The need in new staff members emerged because of the forthcoming paediatric and surgical cases tutorials in 2017-2018 academic year, as in the frames of the project three talented surgeons of ZSMU -  Oleksii Kapshytar, Andrii Bilai and Oleksandr Voloshyn – have created 6 surgical VP cases that covered 10 deadly medical errors.

So, the tutors are ready to teach and the students are looking forward to check their knowledge and make attempts of saving the patients, though virtual ones.

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