Surgical cases (VPs) testing

The 2016-2017 academic year is coming to its end, but the working team of the grant project TAME: Training Against Medical Errors is still working hard.

According to the Project framework staff members of ZSMU have created 6 surgical cases (virtual patients) with medical errors. Kostrovskyi O.M., Associate Professor of the Otorhinolaryngology Department, was a responsible person for the process of the cases creation in ZSMU.

Voloshyn O. M., Assistant Professor of the department of hospital surgery, Kapshytar O. O., Assistant Professor of the department of general surgery and care of patients, and Bilai A. I., Assistant Professor of Faculty Surgery department, were involved into the process of the surgical cases creation.

On June 2nd students of ZSMU and ZSMU tutors of the TAME Project had a possibility to see with their own eyes the new surgical cases and try “to save” virtual patients.

5th-year students, 24 in total, divided into 3 groups, agreed to take part in the testing.

Surgeons-authors heard the students’ feedback concerning the cases, the tutors deepened their PBL knowledge, and the students enjoyed the team work while training. 

Important docs:

Report on the new cases testing

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