Training for paediatric tutors (4-7 July 2016)

On 4-7 July 2016 Medical Education Centre of ZSMU held a training for paediatric teachers in the frames of the TAME (Training Against Medical Error) project.


This is one of many trainings and master classes aimed at introducing the PBL, D-PBL methodologies and training against medical error to ZSMU teachers.


The training was conducted by Olena Furyk – associate professor of the Infectious Diseases department. Teachers from the Propaedeutic of Children diseases department, the Children Disease department of Post-graduate Education Faculty and the Hospital Pediatry Department participated in this training.  Also, 2 groups (8 persons in each) of 5th year students of the medical faculty took part in this activity.


All students and tutors expressed their thoughts on these methodologies; they pointed out positive features and some difficulties in the new methodology and the training process. In the end they all concluded that this has been a great, invaluable experience and expressed their willingness to continue their work in the project.


Important docs:

Lecture on D-PBL methodics of teaching

Lecture on VP cases with medical errors

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