ZSMU Ultrasound Machine Used in Infectious Diseases Treatment

ZSMU Ultrasound Machine Used in Infectious Diseases Treatment

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University cooperates productively with health care institutions of Zaporizhzhia and the region, which are clinical bases of ZSMU, which confirms the strong contribution of higher medical education to the health of the population of the region.

An eloquent example of such cooperation: ZSMU purchased an expert-class ultrasound examination device for the Departments of Infectious Diseases and Children's Infectious Diseases of the University. Both departments make a powerful contribution to the provision of medical care to patients with Covid-19 on a clinical basis — the municipal non-profit enterprise "Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital" of Zaporizhzhia regional council. Now the staff of the medical institution together with the scientists of the University departments are at the forefront of the fight against the insidious coronavirus infection, so such modern equipment is needed here as air.

"This device will serve not only physicians, but to a large extent — scientists of the department," said Professor Olena Riabokon, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases. "We are grateful to the Administration of the University for the permanent attention to the development of the departments' facilities and medical institutions. At present, we will be able to conduct more effective studies of the course of coronavirus disease in patients with infectious lesions, the impact of little-studied disease on the lungs, cardiovascular system and other organs, because the pathology of patients is not limited to Covid-19. It is important that with the help of the new device we will be able to receive information that will effectively contribute to further research work of the department staff."

Volodymyr Shynkarenko, Director of the Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, noted the importance of the new acquisition. He thanked the ZSMU Administration for the real manifestation of cooperation in such a difficult period when physicians and scientists join forces to preserve the health and lives of patients with Covid-19, including those who overcome a serious illness in intensive care units. The latest ultrasound machine will allow diagnosing patients' lungs, heart, cardiovascular system qualitatively and in full, in order to organize their treatment as effectively as possible.

The new equipment has already been installed in the medical institution, and doctors have evaluated its advantages. According to Volodymyr Cherkasky, the Head of the Intensive Care Unit, now doctors, thanks to modern diagnostics, will be able to provide targeted care to patients with shock, acute renal failure, catheterize central vessels in children and adults, obtain objective data hypovolemia, and perform a number of other related studies. This will help save lives and significantly improve the condition of patients.

26 August 2020

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