New laboratories for scientific researches

New laboratories for scientific researches

New medical and laboratory center with vivarium. The design of this center was planned in detail.It was also equipped with modern equipment.

It took several years to reconstruct the center. The Administration of ZSMU spent 20 million UAH for this. The Department of State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate in the Zaporizhzhia region gave the university permission to operate this facility some days ago. Scientists already started to prepare their workplaces for productive activity.

“We even created a special experimental department with vivarium that correspond ethic standards and requirements of European Society of animal welfare. This department is equipped for all kinds of experimental study activities with animals. We buy animals for all departments of the university according to the scientific work schedule, and plans of our Ph.D. candidate and Ph.Ds.They record what animals they need for what and for what amount of time. It is their primary documentation. Such documentation is necessary for controlling scientists’ work and the welfare of the animals. They also need to record proceedings according to international rules of scientific researches for confirmation of their work.”, said Professor Valerii Tumanskyi, who is Pro-rector for scientific work.

Units for keeping experimental animals are placed on the first floor. There was created all necessary conditions for the animals’ life and experiments conducting. Nobody, except works who care about these animals, is allowed to visit units where animals live because they are very sensitive to all unexpected sounds, actions, scents, etc.Animals get careful day-and-night care that includes the maintaining of standardized temperature, air conditioning, standardized feeding according to international standards. All units also have special web cameras,eras thanks to that we could constantly control animals’ condition. There are also 2 laboratories for functional animals’ researches on the first floor. They are designed for conducting such procedures as pressure measurement, ECG, ultrasound scanning, studying of urine, and blood conditions and many other markers. They also designed with special equipment to control animals’ behavior after experiments. There is also a special room for taking urgent analysis, an experimental operating room with a pre-operating room as in a real hospital.And a unit for helping animals to adopt for the usual environment after the end of experiments.

The training medical and laboratory center of the university with numerous laboratories is placed on the second floor. There are laboratories for molecular and cells, physical and chemical, densitometric, immunoenzymometric, immunohistochemical, computer and morphometric, instrumental and functional, experimental and pharmacological researches.

This new facility is a place for the development of the medical science of tomorrow.

05 March 2020

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