From Taiwan with New Experience

From Taiwan with New Experience

Olena Popazova, a graduate student of the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation with a Normal Physiology course at ZSMU, at the end of last year won the Taiwan Education Experience Program grant within the "International Pharmaceutical Interdisciplinary Training and Talents Integration Program" and received a unique internship opportunity at the Pharmacological Laboratory of Cell Cultures of Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. The young scientist got there thanks to her own perseverance. Last year she became one of the winners of the regional competition for gifted young people in science. Olena Popazova studies herself and teaches students as an assistant at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

The aim of the program curriculum was to introduce three interdisciplinary topics of clinical pharmacy. It was about the development of new drugs and precision pharmacy, access to basic knowledge in each field, and opportunities to familiarize yourself with experimental design and laboratory skills. The program was organized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. The internship took place from August to December, in total she was in Taiwan for four months.

Research and communication were conducted exclusively in English. In the second half of her internship, Olena worked at the Genome Research Center of the Cell Laboratory of the Academia Sinica. In the laboratory, where scientists from all over the world work, she tried the high modern technologies of the leading world level related to cell cultures.

The acquired experience will be very useful to her in her future work as a young scientist.

11 January 2023

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