Bringing Truth to the World by All Available Means

Bringing Truth to the World by All Available Means

The teaching staff and employees of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University use every opportunity to tell the international community about the terrible events of the groundless military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Aliona Pavlenko, Head of the International Relations Department of ZSMU, took part in the Times Radio morning broadcast, popular British radio, at the invitation of radio host Calum Macdonald. During the live broadcast, a wide audience of radio listeners was told about the situation in Zaporizhzhia and the activities of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University during the war.

Ramola Talwar, a journalist with Dubai-based leading national media outlet, was interested in how our university manages to organize training during the war, including foreign students, what tools are used, how lecturers work, and how the team copes with psychological stress. In an hour-long online interview, she was told in detail by Svitlana Morhuntsova, Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical, Academic Work and Quality of Education; Mykhailo Kolesnyk, Professor of the Department of Family Medicine, Therapy, Cardiology and Neurology of the FPE; Maksym Kozhemiaka, Associate Professor of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics; Zhanna Rahrina, Associate Professor of the Department of Language Training; and Assistant Rector Natalia Pidkovych. Every day, The National reaches an influential English-speaking audience, publishing information on all digital platforms, reaching millions of people, so the journalist asked how her country could help Ukraine defend its freedom and independence.

Associate Professor Maksym Kozhemiaka’s online presentation on the work of the military hospital at the EMS2022 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, which was broadcast to 1,100 delegates at the main session, received a great response from the professional community. Conference participants from different countries shared their impressions on social networks and expressed support for Ukraine:

Stephen J.M. Sollid: Very powerful message from a Ukrainian colleague at the frontline in the Russian war against Ukraine. Taking care of casualties from both sides. Again an opportunity to bow in deep respect. We stand with the people of Ukraine.

Louise Milling: Very touching hearing about a physician's first hand experiences in Ukraine. Unimaginable ethical dilemmas. We stand with Ukraine!

Niamh Cummins: Solidarity with Ukraine!

Rory Quinn: Traumatologist from Ukraine with a powerful message to delegates at EMS2022. European EMS stands with the people of Ukraine!

10 May 2022

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