ZSMU University Clinic Helps to Overcome Panic Attacks

ZSMU University Clinic Helps to Overcome Panic Attacks

Under constant psychological pressure during the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, citizens of Zaporizhzhia often face panic attacks — sudden attacks of strong fear, which leads to severe physical reactions, even when there is no acute danger. During a panic attack, a person may think they are losing control, having a heart attack, or even dying.

There are various ways to correct this condition. Immediately during the attack, the patient is recommended to:

  1. sit down, bow your head, rest your feet on the floor;
  2. focus on breathing, breathe slowly;
  3. divert attention — tell a person next to you, or yourself, out loud about what you see and hear.

But when we cannot eliminate the root cause of our panic attacks here and now, we must develop mechanisms to adapt the nervous system to the situation. In this case, biofeedback trainings or trainings based on biological feedback (BF trainings) can help. This method is aimed at activating the body's internal reserves by strengthening or improving its physiological skills. For example, during temperature-myographic training, the patient is instructed to form a feeling of muscle relaxation. With successful relaxation, the patient hears the signal of the device, which indicates the presence of feedback, and thus, independently develops the skill in his nervous system to relax.

You can get a consultation from the doctor of the ZSMU University Clinic, conducting BF-trainings, by appointment with the coordinator of the Health Center by phone +380 96 14 69 228.

More information in the video — https://youtu.be/DnvQIdnhwR8.
If necessary, it is possible to consult a psychiatrist, psychotherapist Professor Vitaly Kuril (details — https://uk.zp.ua/p_raspis_uk.html [in Ukrainian]).

18 April 2022

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