Let's Bring Truth to the World!

Let's Bring Truth to the World!

During the war, not only every action matters, but every word! Especially the words conveyed to the international audience, as people's diplomacy often has a much greater influence on politicians' decisions than professional diplomacy.

Associate Professor Ivan Pertsov, Vascular Surgeon, Associate Professor of General Surgery and Postgraduate Surgical Education, took part in the FOX news program, one of the largest US television broadcasters, and spoke about the situation in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, thanked for the support of the American people and welcomed Biden's possible visit to Ukraine.

Assistant Rector Natalia Pidkovych and Associate Professor Oleh Liovkin, Associate Professor of Disaster Medicine, Military Medicine and Neurosurgery, told the Japan's NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) representatives about how Zaporizhzhia State Medical University copes in the war, about the situation in Zaporizhzhia and the occupied territories, also how Zaporizhzhia and ZSMU accept refugees and help them, about the work of our sacrificial surgeons, traumatologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists in the military hospital, about the volunteerism of students, and thanked for the great support and assistance of the Government of Japan.

Japanese journalists asked what our university needs to provide quality medical care to the affected soldiers and civilians. And today the Japanese journalist Kazuaki Koseki wrote to ZSMU: "I was extremely impressed by what I heard. What is happening around your city — I keep thinking, Russia is absurd and does not deserve forgiveness. Glory to Ukraine!".

The world needs to hear us, so let us use every opportunity to tell the truth about this terrible war.
Together to victory!

20 April 2022

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