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Vivat Academia! Vivant Professores!

The first day of the new academic year at ZSMU appeared to be very busy and productive. It began quite unusually for a powerful higher education institution, without student fuss and crowded classrooms.

Admission Campaign: Exams and Enrollment

The admission campaign continues, the Admission Committee of ZSMU is working hard to ensure a decent recruitment of the students. The work continues without days-off, because the planned admission events take place every day according to the schedule.

About New Academic Year

Under the chairmanship of Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, Rector of ZSMU, a meeting dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year at the university was held today at ZSMU.

2020 Admission Campaign in Full Swing

The 2020 admission campaign of ZSMU goes on. The members of the Admissions Committee worked hard, and on August 22 they finished accepting applications, while applicants started taking exams.

Making Up, Transferring, Readmitting

There are many procedures in student life that need to be done before the start of the academic year. Associate Professor Svitlana Morhuntsova, the Pro-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work of ZSMU, tells more about them:

ZSMU Admission Campaign Goes On

The 2020 admission campaign of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University continues in a calm working rhythm. Today we have reached a half way mark — the fifth day of applications acceptance from entrants to full-time studies on the basis of complete secondary education.

ZSMU Meets New Interns

They've just passed the final certification and graduated from the university, and they're back with a new purpose — to become new interns of ZSMU. Currently the admission campaign is in full swing.

2020 Admission Campaign in Details

It will take very little time for the 2020 admission campaign to start at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. So far, it is at its peak in the ZSMU Medical College.

Center for medical rehabilitation and prevention is established at ZSMU

Center for medical rehabilitation and prevention is established at the premises of Hostel №3 of ZSMU. It is aimed at improving the quality of preventive services, rehabilitation and medical assistance provided to the employees and students of ZSMU.

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