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ZSMPhU is the preparation center of highly qualified
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Simulation training technologies at ZSMPhU

The Virtual Patient Simulator can recreate a variety of clinical scenarios

ZSMPhU has a scientific and academic medical center “University clinic”

ZSMPhU provides students with the necessary
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For Foreign Citizens

Studying Polish Experience

The participation of ZSMPhU in the Polish-Ukrainian educational project "Dissemination of Best Teaching Experience in Selected Fields of Study for Preparation for Medical Professions, with Special Emphasis on Standardization and Quality of Education " continues.


Foreign Graduate Students Reached Final Attestation

Foreign citizens, graduate medical students, began to take final exams. Today they have their first exam, on Internal and Infectious Diseases.



Topical Issues of Modern Medicine and Pharmacy

The 83rd All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students with International Participation "Topical Issues of Modern Medicine and Pharmacy — 2023" was held today at ZSMPhU.


Polish Experience: New Ideas for Educational Process

Almost 50 ZSMPhU employees received certificates for their participation in the Polish-Ukrainian project "Dissemination of Best Teaching Experience in Selected Fields of Study for Preparation for Medical Professions, with Special Emphasis on Standardization and Quality of Education".


Meeting of ZSMPhU Administration

Today's meeting of ZSMUPhU Administration covered such issues as career orientation work for applicants, 2023 admission campaign, meetings with directors of medical colleges and schools, and other.


Meeting of Central Methodical Council of ZSMPhU

A first meeting of the Central Methodical Council of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University was held in the online mode via the MS Teams.


ZSMPhU in 2023 Scopus Ranking

The annual rating of Ukrainian higher education institutions based on data from the Scopus scientometric database (link is in Ukrainian) has been published on the osvita.ua website. Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University took 27th place in the ranking, with a Hirsch index of 37, the number of articles — 2,978, and the number of citations — 10,963.


First Meetings of Labor Collective Conference and Academic Council

Today, Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University held the first meetings of the newly elected Conference of the Labor Collective and the Academic Council.


Meeting of ZSMPhU Administration

In the first week of operation of ZSMPhU, 185 lectures were delivered, which was reported at the meeting of the Administration along with other issues and important information.


ZSMPhU in Institutional Repositories Ranking

In February, the winter update of the 2023 global ranking by Webometrics, Transparent Ranking: Institutional Repositories by Google Scholar, was published.


Simulation Equipment in Surgical Practice

In the newly created Educational and Medical Training Center intern doctors started to hone their practical skills using a high-tech surgical female mannequin named Chloe S2100.


Lecturers Master Latest Educational Technology

ZSMPhU held a methodical seminar on the "Labster Virtual Lab Simulator. Latest educational technology".


ZSMPhU Continues Quality Educational Services Provision to Foreign Students

As of today, most foreign students study online, but from the fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, thanks to the fruitful cooperation of ZSMPhU and the Bukhara State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan), fifth- and sixth-year students from India are studying under the academic mobility program, which involves taking practical classes on the basis of Bukhara clinics. More...


ZSMPhU Expands International Cooperation

ZSMPhU and American Medical Academy Inc. have executed an exclusive strategic parterhip agreement for establishing a medical campus outside Ukraine.


Attention Indian Students!

More than 50 students from India have already started online studies at the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University. We invite you to continue studying in a distance format!

For additional information, contact deputy deans of the International Faculty No. 2.


Dear Foreign Students!

Currently, more than 1,000 foreign students of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University are studying remotely, and we invite you to renew your education online. To do this, it is necessary to pay the tuition fee for the current semester (find specified details here) and not have financial debt for previous periods. Send scanned copies to the Dean's Office (dekanat_ira@ukr.net) in a single letter as follows:

  1. application addressed to the Dean, with a request to be admitted to classes in online format;
  2. receipts for payment of educational services.

We remind you, that the cost of online training is reduced by 30% of the cost in the contract and is valid for the entire period of martial law.

Scientific and practical journals of ZSMPhU are included in international scientometric databases, repositories
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