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University of human pathology

 The University of human pathology comprises 5 scientific-diagnostic laboratories:

Using biopsy-operational and autopsy material Institute of human pathology carries out molecular-genetic, immunohistochemical, pathohistological, neuromorphological, histochemical, cellular-densitometric, electric-microscopic researches, computer ultrastructural morphometry and histomorpometry.

The University develops and implements modern technologies early intravitalmolecular-genetic and immunohistochemical diagnostics of the diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, respiratory system organs as well as cardiovascular and genitourinary system and the most common infectious diseases.

Special attention is paid to the development of the methods of early prediction of cancer of lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestine, uterus, breast and prostate as well as invasive-metastatic properties of these tumors in the patients’ biopsy material. Using the trepan-biopsy material of pancreas and liver the University staff carries out pathomorphological monitoring and predicts the progress of the chronic pancreatitis, chronic viral hepatitis and hepatic cirrhosis.

Neurologists and resuscitationists work on morphogenesis of ischemic and postresuscitation encephalopathies, brain death syndrome, morphogenesis of permanent damage of cardio-respiratory center of the brain stem in the case cerebrovacular and postresuscitation disease and complications of intense therapy of comatose states.

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