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SKiPer Sustainable Knowledge source In Pharmacology based on MOOC
For the past few years MOOC became a global knowledge instrument and an essential part of educational strategy. While all MOOC activities are mostly concentrated on English speaking world   we would like to expand it to a larger scale by broadening an expertise in the joint offering of course in two languages. 
More than 280 million people from former Soviet block countries use Russian as a language of interethnic communication in Eastern Europe and Central Asia despite all recent economic and political changes in the world. Giving them opportunity to improve their professional knowledge in English and Russian would be a valuable experience. 
The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable open knowledge source in Pharmacology that will be reachable and accessible for everyone around the world. We seek to build a learning platform for both internal and potential students, alumni, lifelong learners and professionals. 
Currently Pharmacology is an essential component of every medical academic curriculum. It remains the most rapidly expanding and renovating discipline which exerts a great influence on development of other medical and physical disciplines.  
The course is designed to:
Explain fundamental principles of pharmacology 
Develop an understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs
Examine an action mechanism and influence of drugs on organs and organ systems
Give specific information on drug classifications 
Determine drug safety, indications and contraindications, clinical and side effects 

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