Medical Educational Centre

Medical Educational Centre
Medical Education Centre of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is established for effective realization of aims and objectives of the University defined in its concept of development for 2012-2020 as well as considering the responsibilities taken by the University to the European Commission according to the Project No. 530519–Tempus-1-2012-1–UK-Tempus-JPCR “Establishment of the Supra-Regional Network of the National Centres in Medical Education, focused on PBL and Virtual Patients”.
Centre is established to promote:
1. The development of high quality system of medical education through scientific researches in the field of education, implementation of new educational technologies and methods and evaluation of the results of training;
2. Development of innovative pedagogic methods of training (problem oriented learning, virtual patients etc.), including continuous medical training on the basis of informative-communicative technologies aimed at improvement of professional competency of students and other concerned parties according to the standards of medical education;
3. Advanced training of teaching staff and development of its innovative competency:
- organization and holding of educational seminars, trainings, conferences, master classes with foreign experts participation devoted to medical education issues, new methods of teaching and evaluation;
- rendering information, methodical, consultative and organization assistanceto teaching staff of the departments;
4. Development of sustainable platform for cooperation between the parties (teaching staff, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.) at national and international levels;
5. Interuniversity coordination processes both in within the country and abroad.
Key objectives of the Centre:
1. Study of global experience in the sphere of medical education, new methods of teaching and evaluation, their analysis, adaptation and dissemination;
2. Updating of existing curricula and development of the adapted curricula focused on the problem oriented learning within TEMPUS project;
3. Development of professional and personal skills of teaching staff of medical educational institutions of II-IV level of accreditation;
4. Dissemination of information concerning the achievements, activities and evaluation of modernized and adapted curricula;
5. Development and implementation of effective educational technologies and systems, including the development of online education and evaluation system;
6. Involvement in current networks of sustainable international cooperation (associations, coalitions etc.) in the sphere of medical education and establishment of new networks.

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