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History and culture of Zaporizhzhia for foreign students

History and culture of Zaporizhzhia for foreign students

One of the basic pre-university courses is “Country studies” where foreign students study the history of Ukraine and the city, where they live and study, in particular. On May 12th, within the course there was an excursion to the historical and cultural complex “Zaporizhian Sich” on the Khortytsia Island organized for students of the International Faculty №1.

The local Cossacks told about their weapons, demonstrated proficiency in it as well as their defensive and offensive skills. After the performance everyone had an opportunity to take photos with the Cossacks and their weapons, do some archery and practice skills in axe throwing orsaber wielding. Professional guides told them in details about Cossacks’ life, houses construction and interior.

The students themselves say that they did like the excursion and learned a lot about the culture and the history of Ukraine and Zaporozhye Cossacks particularly.

The head of pre-university training, Associate Professor Larysa Vasetska said that such excursions are common practice. As usual, they are held every year in May, upon completion of “Country studies” course. Such excursions additionally help to examine the level of students training in linguistic and country studies.Moreover such practices encourage foreign students to master Ukrainian language.

Responsible for educational work teacher Iryna Yanushevska considers that it is a unique opportunity for foreignersto experience the Ukrainian culture and religion, witness traditional Ukrainian system, culture peculiarities and national dress. It will allow them to better understand the spirit of the Ukrainian people and consequently better adapt to our country.

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