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Extended Meeting of ZSMU Academic Council

Today, the ZSMU Academic Council held the last for this academic year meeting in the University assembly hall, in compliance with all quarantine requirements.

The meeting began, traditionally, with the presentation of awards, distinctions and academic titles certificates.

Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, the Rector of ZSMU, presented PhD certificates to young scientists, as well as certificates of professor and associate professor to scientists with solid experience.

This year, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University for the first time conducted state exams in a new format for all specialties. Professor Vitalii Syvolap, the Chairman of the Examination Commission (CEC) of medical faculties, analyzing the results of the alumni Certification, stressed that the results of absolute and qualitative success are not inferior to last year. Vitalii Viktorovych clearly defined the advantages of exams in the remote format and reaffirmed his belief that such forms of control should be developed and implemented further, emphasizing that high quality certification was achieved only through the coordinated work of all departments.

Associate Professor Chertov, the CEC in the specialty “Dentistry”, Professor Vasiuk, the CEC in "Pharmacy" and "Technology of Perfumes and Cosmetics", and Associate Professor Gorbachov, the CEC in specialty "Laboratory Diagnostics" told about the specifics of examinations in specialties and also noted the high level of both absolute and qualitative success, which is fully consistent with, or even exceeds last year's figures.

The Academic Council voted for the election to vacant positions and academic titles, approved the students' candidacies for scholarships, as well as topics for dissertations, voted for the creation of one-time specialized academic councils for the defense of dissertations, and considered current cases.

Summing up the meeting, Professor Yurii Kolesnyk praised the work of the entire staff of the University related to maintaining quality education of students during quarantine and conducting a high level of graduates' certification.

"We have excellent technical capabilities and, most importantly, the team is able to use them rationally. Microsoft noted the experience of our university as unprecedented, no one in Ukraine has used so well and fully the capabilities of distance learning technologies and distance control of knowledge," said Yurii Mykhailovich. "Therefore, we plan to further widely use the latest learning technologies, purchase equipment for recording modern lectures, and create departmental training centers with unique "smart" equipment. All this, of course, requires large funds. But we will continue to invest in the technical development of the university, because, as this year experience has shown, it pays off."

In conclusion, the Rector wished everyone a good summer vacation to start the new academic year with new strength and desire.

25 June 2020

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