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ZSMU Clinic Doctors Participate in COVID-19 Training

ZSMU Clinic Doctors Participate in COVID-19 Training

Today, the workshop on "Coronavirus infection COVID-19: tactics of the doctor in the pandemic conditions" was held in the Interdepartmental Training Center. The event, initiated by the ZSMU Administration, is part of the continuous professional development of healthcare professionals, as provided by the relevant documents of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The topic of the training is very relevant, because the medical community is going through difficult times, and needs constant updating of knowledge and experience on how to resist the infection.

Today, 11 doctors of the University Clinic took part in the training. Professor Olena Riabokon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, worked with the audience. She gave a lecture on the specifics of diagnosing coronavirus infection, methods of confirming the diagnosis, interpreting research results. "The training is designed for two days," commented Olena Viacheslavivna. "The first involves individual study of videos, topical lectures on various aspects of diagnostics, course and treatment of the Coronavirus infection COVID-19, prepared by scientists of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University for a wide range of doctors. They are freely available on the website of our university and we invited each participant to master this theoretical knowledge.

Today our class is divided into six parts. The first will concern the methods of specific diagnostics and tactics of the doctor in case of contact of with the patient, who needs research on COVID-19, and how to act properly in the conditions of establishment of the correct diagnosis. Next, we will talk about the practical application of personal protective equipment and their proper use in a pandemic. That is, we will practically master the order of dressing, and especially the removal of protective equipment to consolidate skills, how it should be done in case of contact with patients the positive diagnosis, as well as with critically ill patients who need aerosol-generating procedures, when medical staff has the highest risk of infection. According to the protocol, we will demonstrate step by step how to handle such situations, and we will offer our listeners to do it."

The next parts of the training, according to the professor, concern the actual clinical cases of Coronavirus infection – their course, the actions of family doctors and therapists, who encountered the ill patients for the first time, and which patient was received by infectiologists after all stages of outpatient examination. A separate part of the training is the algorithm of action of the general practitioner after the discharge of these patients. It is important to know what residual effects can be observed in the patient, and in what condition the patient returns to the stage of dispensary observation.

"Here," says Professor Olena Ryabokon, "we deal with specific examples from the medical cases of real patients, treated in a hospital. We consider the negative consequences, when, unfortunately, the disease ended in death, with its dynamics and pathomorphological changes, which were recorded after the death of patients."

The practical part of the training is working with a standardized patient. It was conducted Kateryna Romanova, the Head of the Interdepartmental Training Center. Each doctor could apply their knowledge, examine the virtual patient, and try to help him, eventually demonstrating how well the material is mastered.

Finally, the participants of the training took part in a test, prepared by a team of ZSMU professors, which consists of testing knowledge not only in the field of infection, but also of questions on ultrasonography, anesthesiology and resuscitation, etc. This will give a picture of how much doctors are theoretically and practically ready to deal with the challenges they face.

According to the results of the training, its participants were awarded certificates that will allow them to get 15 points and affect the receipt of the medical category.

"We want our doctors to increase their professional level not formally, but in the conditions of the Interdepartmental Training Center in an interesting and productive way," said Nataliia Baranova, Rector's Assistant. "All conditions for this are created in the best way. Today, with this training we begin a series of such events, the topic of consideration is relevant, which requires from medical professionals both in-depth training and acquisition of new knowledge. In our University Clinic, we have introduced methods of modern diagnostics and testing of all those, who are hospitalized for treatment. The Clinic constantly uses innovative technologies, so the interest in training is high. Next week, as part of the continuous professional development of healthcare professionals, a simulation training on emergency care will be held at the ZSMU Training Center."

25 June 2020

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