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Three Years with Department and Ukrainian Language

Three Years with Department and Ukrainian Language

Two significant events took place at the Department of Language Training of ZSMU — the Ukrainian Language exam and the event "Farewell to the Department" for third-year students with English medium of instruction. Although these events took place remotely, the impressions were unforgettable. Despite the unusual format of the exam, it was successfully passed by 264 students.

After the exam excitement, the students received festive emotions by attending the event "Farewell to the Department". After all, they lived here for a wonderful three student years, and learned the language they will need to master the profession.

Associate Professor Kateryna Heichenko, the Head of the Department of Language Training, addressed the audience with congratulatory words. Kateryna Ivanivna noted that this batch was special; teachers were glad to observe the success of students for three years because many of them participated in student conferences and round tables, sports competitions, creative festivals and competitions, student fairs and volunteer initiatives.

The heartfelt, warmest, most tender words of the curators were heard by all 25 groups. The format of the event gave an opportunity to all teachers to express themselves.

Teachers of the department hope not to lose touch with their students, wanting and expecting to meet with them in future.

The warm words of the graduates themselves were especially warm, thanking the teachers for the support and help they gave during the three years, and for the creative projects in which students participated.

All students had a festive mood. They proved that they are the best not only in education but also in creativity. The holiday gave a good mood and unforgettable impressions to students and teachers of the Department of Language Training.

Svetlana Gnatenko,
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Language Training of ZSMU

24 June 2020

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