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Let's Brighten Up Session Weekdays

Let's Brighten Up Session Weekdays

A total of 32 departments took part in the transitional courses in the summer session, i.e. 50 percent of departments monitor the final performance in all specialties. During the session, 153 exams were held in 94 disciplines, all via the Teams. There were 10,846 computer connections of full-time students to the university network. It should be noted that part-time students also used computer technology in the spring semester — they traditionally listened to classroom classes according to the schedule and also successfully passed tests and exams.

I think the numbers are impressive. They once again demonstrate the high professional level of the teaching staff of our university, the ability to mobilize in difficult conditions and perfectly solve the main function — to provide quality educational services to students.

The current session was organized, like the previous term, with the help of computer technology, using the Teams. The rector's meeting was held twice, where students' admittance to exams was discussed. Traditionally, the situation was analyzed by the deans of the faculties, noting a noticeable trend: there were significantly fewer students not allowed to take the exams than in previous periods. In general, the students were conscientious about their studies, all of them were honestly involved in online work and there were almost no people with significant academic debts. Nobody had any technical difficulties. There were cases when students were in debt due to illness and those who worked, but did not master some types of work at a sufficient level. They are constantly monitored, and although they are not allowed to attend the session during the main period, after the elimination of academic debt they can attend it according to the additional schedule.

To ensure all types of control over the educational process at all departments, the moderators were approved by the rector's order. There were 126 persons, who participated in the organization of the educational process and forms of control at the departments. Eight more specialists did same job at the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies. A separate group of moderators worked from the dean's offices, taking part in the final Certification. In total, 158 moderators of different categories have been appointed at the university by the rector's order. All of them are highly qualified specialists. Together with the department of Professor Oleksii Ryzhov and the dean's offices, they held a number of meetings, classes, seminars, trainings, we can be proud that we have such qualified specialists.

I want to note that all departments without exception have successfully coped with distance learning, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate stages. In a physically and morally difficult period of quarantine they did not panic and calmly mobilized for productive work. Of course, the workload on both teachers and students has increased significantly, but all have coped with this at a high level. There is a reason for satisfaction and appreciation.

Another pleasant sign: during the spring semester we have discovered many new lecturers and teachers. Computer technology has allowed us to see new facets of pedagogical skills of colleagues. We observed how the new conditions show the ability of lecturers to build their public speeches in front of the student audience at a distance, to conduct practical classes. There were many discoveries, curiosities, creativity. There was a lot positive feedback from students to teachers.

Now the departments, reporting for the semester and academic year, note among the achievements methodological innovations that will be used in the future. On this basis, it is much easier to imagine how to form a library of lectures for the future. Although it is quite powerful in our electronic resources, we plan to record a number of video lectures in a new format at a high professional level. For this purpose the regulatory base is already developed, in the future lecturers are ready to create such powerful archive.

I would like to congratulate my colleagues on the completion of a difficult but interesting period in the life of our university. Thank you for your endurance and patience, for your new experience. This semester confirmed the powerful potential of the team, which in a very short time switched to a new method of organizing the learning process. I would very much like the educational process to return to its rhythm, because we all understand that classroom work is the only one that is most effective in training a future doctor, pharmacist, and dentist. However, the invaluable experience gained during this semester emphasizes that the ZSMU team is cohesive, highly professional, and potentially capable of any achievements. We will not lose this experience, it will become the basis for the organization of the educational process in the future.

Svetlana Morguntsova
Pro-rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Academic Work at ZSMU, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Lecturer

24 June 2020

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