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Pharmacists-Interns Take Exam "KROK-3. Pharmacy"

Pharmacists-Interns Take Exam "KROK-3. Pharmacy"

Today 131 pharmacists-interns complete their studies at the university by taking licensed integrated exam "KROK-3. Pharmacy". Five years of full-time study and a year of internship are behind, and now teachers see fully formed specialists, confident young people, almost all of them have already gone working in their specialty.

"This batch is strong," says Professor Yurii Riabokon, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Dean of the ZSMU FPE. "Pharmacists-interns took full advantage of the powerful baggage of knowledge provided by the university through five years, and successfully completed the internship. We kept our hands on everyone's pulse, making sure they were all right. We prepared very seriously for KROK, spent four rector's tests during the quarantine period with interns, studied the online course on "KROK-3. Pharmacy" with trial tests. All interns have well developed practical skills, computer testing, which is a part of the final Certification, today they have the final stage. Given the fact that last year they showed high scores in the KROK-2 exam, we believe that this line will be overcome successfully."

Like the previous exams at ZSMU, the current one is organized with all the requirements of the Testing Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the time of Certification during the quarantine period. Pharmacists-interns worked in four classrooms, no more than 40 people in each, with personal protective equipment, keeping the social distance, passing thermometry and control of security police. The process was supervised by representatives of the ZSMU Administration, the Dean's Office and the FPE departments.

23 June 2020

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