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Lectures of Professor Danish Inam for Indian students

Indian students, who are about to graduate ZSMU, are preparing to verify their future diplomas in India to continue their professional career in the medical field in their home country. However, the mandatory requirement for such verification is the FMGE that must be passed by all the Indian citizens who have obtained a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in the country.

Senior students are well aware of it, and they recognize that the examination results directly influence their future job level.

“To make passing MCI examination possible Indian professors successively arrive to ZSMU under a special program to deliver lectures on examination subjects,” the First Pro-rector, Associate Professor Mykola Avramenko stated. “The Professor Danish Inam is already the third who aided his fellow citizens. Previous to Dr. Danish Inam there were Dr. Vaibhav Sharma, specializing in physiology and forensic medicine, and Dr. Kamal Bharadwaj, specializing in anatomy. And there are more yet to come. The Professor Danish Inam is microbiologist and works in Deli. He is well-acquainted with subjects, which future doctors have to pass. While lecturing, he particularly focuses the treatment of diseases specific to India, where our graduates are going to work.

Our university provides plenty priorities to foreign students, including this training program. There is technically-equipped lecture hall, so that lectures could be delivered in as much detail as possible. The university intends to continue development of this training program along with our Indian partners.”

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