Zaporizhzhia State Medical University ranks № 3 among the medical universities of Ukraine

According to the latest rating of “Ukrainian science bibliometrics”, which summarizes data of publication activities of Ukrainian universities in Scopus scientometric database for 2016, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University took third place among medical universities and 24th place among all universities in Ukraine. Scopus scientometric database indexes 201 articles of ZSMU scientists. Over the last four years there has been a steady increase in journals publications included in this database. Among them: 19 articles were published in 2013, 24 articles were published in 2014, 23 articles were published in 2015, and 34 articles were published in 2016.

Such rating is just another positive estimation of ZSMU administration consistent work aimed at the science development in the university. After all it is research activities which are financed by ZSMU from year to year. In 2016 particularly the university spent almost 38 million UAH for the purchase of scientific, laboratory and diagnostic equipment, reagents and laboratory animals. It significantly helped to equip ZSMU research institutes, departments and laboratories, and moreover it helped to create three new laboratories (of medical and genetic screening, of functional pathophysiology, of phytochemistry).

According to the scientific activity results in 2016 there were received 62 Ukrainian patents, defended 6 doctoral dissertations and 31 PhD theses. For 25 years of Ukrainian independence it is the first time that scientific publications of university (“Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal” and “Pathology”) were included in the prestigious international scientometric database named “Web of Science”.

The university embraced the “Support program for contenders for the scientific degrees and academic status”, which provides significant financial support to researchers. This program includes personal allowances, bonuses for quality research performance, publications in leading journals. In addition, the doctoral dissertation defense grants 10 000 UAH to contender and 5 000 UAH to academic advisor, while the PhD thesis defense grants 7 000 UAH to contender and 3 500 UAH to academic advisor.



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