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Teamwork and high-responsibility

Teamwork and high-responsibility

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science and Professor Yevgen Knysh who is the Head of the Department of Management and Pharmacy Economics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law admired the well-coordinated teamwork of workers of his Department at quarantine. He said,” It would be difficult for to us cope with the scope of tasks we have got after switching into e-studying without this well-coordinated teamwork. Now the biggest part of special professional subjects takes managerial and organizational subjects: Organization and economics of pharmacy, Management, and Marketing in Pharmacy, The Law in Pharmacy, Quality Management, The Research of Pharmaceutical Market, Appropriate Practice in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Merchandising. All these subjects are studied in our Department. We continue an educational process in online-format. The Teaching Staff of the Department optimized work on the basis of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Graph that are innovative instruments for teamwork to conduct lectures and practical classes.

Associate Professors and Teachers worked on organizational and methodological content and current control. The deputy principal and I controlled the process.

Students quickly got that they have to be responsible and that all work run well in the Department. Teachers planned the structure of practical classes. They also gave students studying and methodological material that is available at e-resources of the Department. They used such methods for checking students’ knowledge as testing, case tasks solving, filling protocols, checking and assessing of all planned work by each student of the group, summing up. We could standardize the online-work of teachers and determine possible areas of individual work as working out of missed classes and bad marks with students in groups thanks to the making algorithm of students’ work in practical classes by an announcement in the group. Moreover, we had an opportunity to speak with every student in the chat at a practical class.

Associate Professors Myhaylo Anischenko and Olexandr Alekseev conducted lectures in The Law in Pharmacy. Associate Professor Natalia Dondyk conducted lectures in the Organization and Economics of Pharmacy.

The Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Teacher Vitaliy Demchenko conducted practical classes in the Organization and Economics of Pharmacy. Associate Professor Natalia Chervonenko organized practical classes with foreign students in “Management and Marketing in Pharmacy”.Associate Professor Natalia Tkachenko conducted practical classes with foreign students in Management and Marketing in Pharmacy.

Workers of the Department of Management and Pharmacy Economics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law paid a lot of attention to working out of missing classes and checking students’ works as well as to the preparation of students to licensed KROK-2.Pharmacy.They conducted extra lectures and classes.

Quarantine also hasn’t influence scientific work of the Department, upgrade of scientific and pedagogical level of teaching staff, experience exchange with scientists from other higher education institutions.

Teachers of the Department participated in scientific e-conference “Modern directions of pharmaceutical supply improvement for the population: from development to usage of natural and synthetic medications.

01 June 2020

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