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The state examination of graduate students: surgical diseases

The state examination of graduate students: surgical diseases

Hard but very successful week for ZSMU staff will end soon. The main pride for them nowadays is the successful run of the state examination of graduate students. The State Examination was organized in an online format for the first time. That is why it is not only students who are taking exams, teaching staff also is taking exams in e-skills.

Sixth-year Ukrainian-students who studied at Medical Faculty No. 1 and Medical Faculty No. 2 have taken an exam in Surgery Diseases and Pediatric Surgery. 580 graduate students took part in the event. They registered for the exam on time. Doctor of Medical Science and Professor Vitaliy Syvolap who is the Head of the Examination Board randomly chose several envelopes with tasks for each case.

Students need to perform tasks in 5 stations. They have to put down answers on test tasks including test tasks of KROK examination, work out case tasks, show knowledge in Surgery Diseases, particularly in Oncology, Traumatology, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Traumatology, and other fields.

Professor Vitaliy Syvolap stated that all aspect of the examination process was already worked on. Students used to Teams application. All equipment works well. So, students can concentrate on the exam.

Doctor of Medical Science and Professor Oleh Spahi who is the Head of the Department of Children Surgery and Children Anesthesiology highly appreciates the way the exams are running in an online format. He said,” I appreciate far-sightedness and purposefulness of the Rectorate of ZSMU. They have worked on modern technology implementation into the studying process for several years. That is why everything is organized on a high-level. I had worked with students only in such a format for the last three months. So, they used to learn subjects that could be taught in an online format. I am sure, they will cope.

Pediatric surgeon and Associate Professor Olha Lyaturunska told us that she appreciates the determination of students during e-studying. She also told me that students asked many questions, enjoyed video films that give them an opportunity to visit surgery rooms in an online format.

Doctor of Medical Science and Professor Andriy Nykonenko who is the Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery said,” Workers of our Department have been worked hard for the whole academic year. The last three months were even more difficult. But we had done our best to give students good knowledge even in those conditions: we had organized modern tests, showed videos with clinic cases, gave materials from guidelines. We tried to prepare students for exams well. Workers of our Department worked with students of two academic years. They taught about two thousand students. We wish good luck to all our students, especially graduate ones.

Professor Oleksiy Rhyzov who is the Head of The Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies is in charge of technical assistance of a platform and all technical equipment at the exam. He said to us that all workers who participate in exams fell confident and sure that everything will be OK thanks to joint hard work that has been done previously. He also said,” Organization of exams in sich format requires a good level of e-skill. Everybody has to understand how the system interacts with teachers, how the system interacts with students, how teachers and students can interact via the system we use. Then one can make easy for students algorithm. All exams are integrated. Teachers of different Departments take part in it simultaneously. That is why all of them must understand each other not only in medical issues but also in technological ones. We work on different scenarios together with Dean’s Offices between every exam and meet moderators. So, everybody knows what to do. Such exams were a kind of challenge some time ago but now they are routine. Workers of our Depart work hard to achieve big results. For example, Yevgen Duda who is a lead specialist made an application that makes the work of members of the Examination Board much easier. Now they need less time to cope with paperwork. We gave technical assistance to all moderators, control the work of connection between teaching staff and students”.

29 May 2020


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