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The state examination of graduate dental  students

The state examination of graduate dental students

The state examination of graduate dental students is continuing at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. 60 Ukrainian graduate dental students of Medical Faculty No. 3 and 6 foreign students of International Faculty No. 2 have taken the state examination today. The exam consisted of two subjects: dental therapy and children’s dentistry.

Candidate of Medical Science and Associate Professor Sergiy Chertov who is the head of the Department of Propedeutic and Surgical Dentistry is the Head of the Examination Board. He visited the previous exams to improve the process. All team prepared well to this day. That is why everything has been perfect today.

Sergiy Chertov said,” We needed to prepare well for the new format of examination in a short period. Such kind of exams usually consisted of an interview and demonstration of practical skills in the dental training center. Our current graduate students also had practical classes in that center. We hope the skills they required there will come in useful today. They need to perform all 7 stations for an hour and a half. All tasks are very difficult. They need to answer 20 tasks from the KROK examination for 20 minutes, then they have 6 case-tasks:5 tasks in diagnostics and one in diagnostics and aid delivery in an emergency. It is a very important exam but I think they will cope. Trial test showed they can cope with it”.

Professor Sergiy Chertov said that this exam is a first part of the state examination. Students will take a second exam in dental surgery and dental orthopedics on June 2.

Doctor of Medicine and Professor Oleksander Vozhyy who is the head of the Department of Therapeutic, Orthopedic, and Pediatric Dentistry and a member of the Examination Board is also sure that students will successfully cope with tasks because they had been prepared for it since last September. That is why, students know a lot about the State Examination: its requirements, how it runs, etc. Moreover, Professor Oleksander Vozhnyy said students had a lot of time to prepare in quarantine, and good knowledge is the secret of passing all exams successful, no matter in what format they need to take it. Graduate students can show their practical skills with many-level tasks. They will need to use it in the real workplace very soon. It would be the main challenge for them.

28 May 2020

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