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Indian flavored delight

It is warm and cozy in hostel rooms, however to feel and smell the spirit of the far-off home to the full the Indian youth goes to the cafe located in the hostel №1 of ZSMU. It is a cozy place, so called "little India" in a large campus. The name of the cafe is "NEO-STAR India" and it was formed seven years ago by representatives of India for their fellow citizens who acquire medicine in Zaporizhzhia. As there are over 800 Indian students in the University, the cafe is always crowded.

During the breaks there are many visitors in the cafe who come for a while, but after the classes they have an opportunity to stay there much longer and chat at their leisure. The cafe is especially popular for its Indian national dishes. Spices are delivered directly from India, among which are turmeric, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, various peppers and others. All these spices are added to dishes to create their own unique taste and aroma. For all these seven years Sazan from India is the chef in the kitchen.

Among all the dishes chicken curry and kichdi (rice with vegetables) are the most popular and portions are pretty large (about 400 grams of rice). On Wednesdays Indian students usually order biryani (in plain language Indian rice with meat, fish, eggs and vegetables) which is mostly spiced with biryani masala, cumin, chili pepper, cardamom and mix of different peppers. In India, by the way, every state has their original biryani recipe. However our cafe learned to make it on quite good so that both Indian students even Ukrainian ones like it a lot.


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