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The state exam: the whole of Ukraine is on the line

The state exam: the whole of Ukraine is on the line

It is a kind of exam record for ZSMU. Almost 600 sixth-year students of Medical Faculties № 1 and 2 started the state exam online simultaneously. For almost an hour, Ukrainian students of four academic groups showed their knowledge in such important clinical disciplines as Internal Diseases, Professional Disease, Infectious Diseases, and the run of Coronavirus Infection. Students from almost all parts of Ukraine were on the line including Transcarpathia that is the most faraway region because of students from almost all regions of Ukraine study at ZSMU.

Such an interesting event gathered members of the examination board, members of the Rectorate, The Deans of the Faculties, their Deputies, and The Heads of Graduating Departments at the Center of Distance Education and Telemedicine of ZSMU. They were rather excited than just interested in this event because it is an important event not only for students but also for all workers of ZSMU. This exam is the final stage of the important part of graduate students’ life and for ZSMU workers is an opportunity to show their ability to work well and give good and highly-qualitative education-services n all even the most unrespectable situations.

The Doctor of Medical Science and Professor Vitaliy Syvolap who is The Head of the State Examination Board greeted his colleagues and announced that students successfully finished registration for the exam at 8.30. He chose randomly variants of tasks for 5 parts of the exam and a special one dedicated to COVID-19. Then Moderators loaded tasks into the platform. Students started the exam at 9.00.

The Associate Professor Volodymyr Kompaniets who us the Dean of The Medical Faculty №1 said,” I hope our students will cope with it well. We organized a trial run a few weeks ago. All students during the quarantine had an opportunity to prepare well for the state exams. They took state exams in The Regional Clinical Hospital of Zaporizhzhia and other hos[itals of our city. Today, they take the exam on computers at home as the saying goes,everything is easier at home.

Professor Vitaliy Syvolap who is The Head of the State Examination Board is calm and confident. He joked, “All sixth years arise in graduate students’ minds in such exams. I don't feel any tension, everything works like a charm. This is the fourth examinational day, we have already worked on the algorithm, all work is streamlined. Even students who are 1000 km away from the University are not left alone. We set up a screen for every academic group. We use 4 screens today. When they have any problems, they tell us and we eliminate it. The peculiarities of today's exam are that we examine 4 academic groups; 580 students take the exam simultaneously, which is three times more than in the previous days, respectively the load on the network is tripled. We have foreseen some possible problems. It is quite possible that we will have some problems with sending tasks to MS Teams. Sending features could work with delays. If this happens, we will switch to manual control mode and will direct it to the Manual”.

Vitaliy Viktorovich stated that this exam is quite difficult, as most of the tasks are multilevel clinical ones. It takes 5 minutes to answer all the test questions of every part. The only exception is 2 parts. Students get 10 minutes to answer all test questions of the second part that consists of KROK examination test questions. The sixth part consists of questions in COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment. Students will work for about an hour. The professor is sure that the students are motivated, well prepared and they will successfully cope with this stage to begin new ones.

The Head of the State Examination Board paid special attention to the streamlined work of the moderators. He said, “The huge share of the load falls on their shoulders. They are very professional,creative young people, who are work as teachers at The Departments. They master technology skills, English-skills, and chat communication-skills. They know their subjects perfectly because a moderator prepared content he needs to load into the system together with the Heads of the departments. They prepared three variants of test tasks for today. It is not an easy task”

In such a way, we examine graduated students and preparing them for independent work in their fields by joint efforts of all workers of ZSMU.

26 May 2020

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