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The State Examination. Pharmaceutical students take the objective structured practical examination

The State Examination. Pharmaceutical students take the objective structured practical examination

Pharmaceutical students of Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 1, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 2, and International Faculty No. 2 took the objective structured practical examination today. Three teams worked: foreign and Ukrainian students specialized in Pharmacy and Ukrainian students specialized in Perfumery and cosmetology technologies. About 160 graduate students participate in the examination.

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science and Professor Svitlana Vasuk headed The State Examination Board. The Rectorate members, The Deans of the Faculties and their Deputies together with the Heads of graduate profession-oriented Departments: Department of Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Medicines Technology, Department of Management and Pharmacy Economics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Law monitor the run of the exam.

The variant of the exam was chosen as at several previous ones.All students from different parts of Ukraine connect to the examination platform. Twenty-seventh students from Bulgaria also connected to the examination system. The First Pro-rector Mykola Avramenko that each year more and more students from Bulgaria come to Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia to obtain a degree, despite the fact that there are universities with the Pharmaceutical Departments in Bulgaria as well.257 students from Bulgaria study at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.Many Bulgarian choose ZSMU because its diploma is well accepted in Europe.

All students from Ukraine and abroad easily log in to the examination system. The administration and workers of ZSMU can be proud of developing such a good-working system. The Administration of ZSMU can be also proud of the professor-teaching staff that works hard and do their best to share with students the most valuable knowledge and the best experience they can.

Professor Svitlana Vasuk who is the Head of the State Examination Board said to us,” The workers of the Dean’s Office work hard to prepare everything for the state examination. They work on protocols, prepare students, motivate students, which is quite harder to do than it was last year. The testing tasks they prepare are similar to tasks they usually need to cope in real conditions as much as possible. We believe in our students, knowledge, and wish them good luck.”

90 graduate students from the off-campus form of studying were allowed to take the exam. These students from 5 groups prepared well because e-studying is an everyday routine for them.

28 May 2020


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